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+351 96 437 96 09

Place your survey in Excel


Create an Excel files

Create these columns:

  • question
  • group
  • text
  • type
  • options


Place the questions

On question create a number for the question.

On Groups place 1 unless you are going to create multipage questionaries.

On text place what should appear on survey


Place the type of question

Here is how the system will know how to handle the question

1 - Text box

2 - Toggle button

4 - Multiple options questions

5 - Exclusive multiple options


Place the options

Here is where you place what to be displayed

Place the options separated by an *

Place the options in the order you want them to appear

The order of the options will be used to store the value of the option for exclusive multiple options

Note: Likert scales usually have an odd number of options with 5 or more options


Contact us

Send us your excel file

Your survey may be created and ready in 10 minutes.

Advanced surveys


Headers for a set of questions

To create a better looking survey when there exist a lot of questions


Automatic dimensions calculation

On PhD thesis is normal to have multiple question about the same dimension and is possible to calculate the value of the dimension on the fly.


Handle multi survey or large number of questions

The start of these idea was a thesis that got 5 different surveys with over 200 questions. Create, modify or renumber the questions is a took a long time on normal survey tools and in same cases it was very time consuming the work the must be done with the data received before being able to do analysis.

Here is possible to do all the modifications in a single excel file and regenerate all the questions.

Special Graphs and reports


Special Graph

Is possible to generate other types of graphs


Text formatting

Is possible to add text and descriptions to graphs generated


PDF output

Is possible to generate PDF files with the report of the data